May 28, 2019

This is from our Hygienist Angela:

“ I just need a cleaning.”  

I hear this all the time.  While this may be true for some people who take excellent care of their teeth it is NOT true for most people.  Frequently, after a few questions, I discover that my patient has not had their teeth cleaned or seen a dentist in 10 years. If it has been 10 years since you have had a cleaning, then you have missed 20 cleaning visits, TWENTY! . Chances are, they need more than “ just a cleaning.” The recommended regimen for healthy teeth and gums is to have a cleaning done twice a year. However if there is evidence of gum and bone disease, or there is difficulty in keeping your teeth clean, the recommendation can be more frequent. Regular cleaning (Prophylaxis) makes it easier on you and gives me the opportunity to keep your teeth free of calculus which helps keep your gums and the bone around your teeth healthy.

This is another one that I hear, “I don’t have anything bothering me.”  Often times patients think if nothing hurts, then everything is fine. This is false! Cavities do not necessarily hurt until they have gone deep into the tooth.  By this time, treatment becomes more expensive because it often requires a root canal or larger restorations.  If the recommended cleaning regimen is followed, the cavities can be detected sooner, which saves YOU money and tooth structure. It is important to follow the recommended cleaning regimen, every 6 months,  and not wait until something is bothering you to visit your dentist!

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